What is the difference between mp4 and mp3?

For the user there is one essentiell difference between mp4 and mp3. While the mp3-format only allows to play music, the mp4- format can contain videos or pictures. This means a mp3 file is only a music song or another voice recording while the mp4 format can be a music video or even a film.

Mp3 means “Motion Picture Expert Group Audio Layer III”, the format compressing a audio file. It online converts the noises which can be heard by a human, all other noises will disappear while compressing. It´s not only for the mp3 player but also for the world wide web very popular because it reduces the needed storage volume down to around 10% of the normal size. Mp4 works in a similar way for videos but there are also pure music-mp4-formats and pure graphic-mp4-formats.